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Let Us Build You an Unforgettable Web Experience!

Our approach to website creation differs from other companies. They tend to focus solely on what information you want displayed and what functions you want and slap them together and send you out the door with a "website." While these are important elements to consider, we at Praxis Web Group feel the most important function of a website is that it effectively achieves the goals you and your team want to accomplish.

What good is your "pretty" web store if it doesn't drive people to buy from you? What good is your restaurant's website if it doesn't make customers WANT to come dine with you?

At Praxis, we focus on your goals from the start and through our experience, scientific data of how web-users operate, and your knowledge of your customers/fans, create a visually appealing, highly effective and powerful web experience. Don't just get a website, get a website that works for you.

Types of Websites We Create
- Business, Restaurant and Company Sites
- E-commerce Stores (Sell items, services, anything!)
- Membership Websites (Subscription based websites, Community groups, Private content areas for groups)
- Fan Pages (Actors/Actresses, Bands, Athletes, Celebrities)
- These are just a few examples. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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Search Engine Optimization

You can have the greatest website on the planet but it does you and your team no good if no one ever sees it. Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, is the key to being found on the internet and we here at Praxis are experts in the field.

Popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo Search are constantly changing their criteria and what they look for to rank your website higher than your competitors and it's important to have a team that stays at the forefront of these changes and how to effectively implement them.

Are you ready to be found on the internet? We're here for you.

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Social Media: Most People are Doing it Wrong

Most businesses typically get started in social media because they're told they have to do it. This usually means they get a Facebook Page, a Twitter account and maybe one or two other accounts and make an occasional post. They then determine the effectiveness of their social media campaign by "how many followers they have" or "how many likes their page has." The problem with this approach is it's ineffective and these metrics (which most companies still use) have nothing to do with the actual reach they're achieving.

The key to effective social media marketing is a coordinated approach across all platforms that focuses less on pointless metrics and more on quality content and meaningful interaction with clients, customers and fans. This is how we do things at Praxis Web Group.

Don't just do social media "because you were told you had to"...Let us help you do it with a purpose.

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Website Coaching and Analysis

Curious if you're on the right track? Looking to just make a few changes and tweaks to your existing website or social media campaigns? Let our experts help you get your processes, layouts and approaches perfected and on point.

We do it all...1-on-1 coaching, complete site audits, user experience testing, campaign management. Send us a request from the link below and let our experts get to work helping you achieve your goals!

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