One of Our Clients – Online Dating Review Site

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One of our most recent projects was helping out to design and build an online dating review site for a long-time client. One of their biggest requests was that we create an easy to follow and user-friendly interface. As they are in the business of reviewing online sites for these factors, they wanted to make sure that they had all of their ducks in a row before calling someone else out ūüôā A direct quote from one of the site creators was, "Online dating is hard enough as it is. We want to do our best to simplify that process and we can't do that if our site can't convey the information they need in a tight, neat package." Our design team worked hard to put together a review platform that was not only easy on the eyes for the singles coming to the site, but was also easy to update for the client. We wanted to make sure that as they added more reviews and content, they were able to add those without the site looking like it was going to burst at the seams. Take a look at their online dating site review page and see how we set things up so that as they reviewed a new dating site, they could easily just add it to the list. Too often, sites aren't set up to scale and the creators can run into the need for a redesign if they didn't plan accordingly. So far, our clients have been super pleased with their design as they continue to grow the site. The last we checked, they had reviewed 10+ online dating sites and had breakdowns of costs, pricing, and free trials for a whole bunch more. They've also got some really fun dating guides that should help anyone who is confused or feels lost to get onto their feet. We look forward to their success and will definitely update everyone here as to how they're doing a few years down the...

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